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fernleigh's blog

Moving on to pastures new

This will be the last entry from us as owners of Fernleigh, as we have sold the business.  We are moving on to pastures new, and would like to take the opportunity to say that it has been a wonderful experience, meeting all the guests and helping them to have a happy stay with us in Lynton and on Exmoor.  We would like to sincerely wish Kerinda, the new owner, every success in the future.  With our best wishes, Richard and Caroline Walsh, and of course, Barney the cat.

all nicely lined up...

Latest addition to the Fernleigh Guest House... No longer will Richard need to keep watch as car park monitor... we now have lovely new marked bays so that we can accommodate 6 cars, one for each of our guest rooms. Many thanks to Daniel Whitfield for carrying out this project. We are highly recommending Daniel to all our friends in Lynton, and we are compiling a list of other projects for him!


The only thing that hasn’t changed is the view….

We are pleased and excited to show you some pictures of our refurbished Room 4 – our small double room.  We have a new ensuite shower room, with a walk-in shower, and new furniture in the redecorated bedroom.  The only thing that hasn’t changed is the view – the best in the house. 

Doesn't time fly!

Eighteen months ago today we picked up the keys to our new home, our new business, and our new life in Devon!  Time has indeed flown, as we are now reaching the end of our second summer season.  Since opening we have welcomed nearly 1,100 guests through our front door, and lost count of the number of breakfasts served!

Special Occasions at the Fernleigh Guest House

Last weekend we had a lovely couple staying with us who were celebrating their second wedding anniversary.  We were pleased to give Sean and Lisa a small bottle of Prosecco with our compliments, and we would like to thank our friends at Exmoor Flowers for providing a lovely flower arrangement which we had been asked to organise by Sean beforehand.  We hope they had a great weekend !


Cream Tea anyone?

A few weeks ago we found time to take an afternoon's stroll to Watersmeet, to the National Trust Tea Room.  It took us about an hour and was a beautiful walk alongside the river.  And, of course, we had a cream tea treat at the end - which we shared with a cheeky chaffinch!  We can thoroughly recommend this walk to all our guests, and hope to go back ourselves as soon as we can.  


New Signs!!

New signs have arrived! Thanks to the team at Design Shop for making and fitting them, and of course our friends at Inventive for the logo

Happy Anniversary - to US!!

A year ago today we left Newbury and arrived in Lynton to collect the keys to our new home and our new life at the Fernleigh Guest House.  We were surrounded by packing boxes!! And exactly a year later we have all our rooms full, and 12 guests for breakfast this morning!

Is it bedtime yet?

Today we took delivery of three new beds!  We have a new double bed, and guest beds for Room 2. 

Reach.... for the Stars !

No, we're not fans of S Club 7.  But we are lucky enough to live on Exmoor, which was awarded International Dark Sky Reserve Status in 2011.